Yes! The rumors are true!

So many fun things are happening at Kara these days. For example, we got an Instagram (whoot whoot), we have an online store (Whaaaaaa) and best of all… drum rollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll For a limited time only we have the ORIGINAL mint truffles on the...

NEW- Belgium Chocolate

We just received a new chocolate line! Imported from BELGIUM!  Gourmet Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Bars, Celebrity Dark Chocolate Bars, and Fluffy Belgium Marshmallows. I just put all the new items on our online shop yesterday. Soooooo, it will all be...


The BIG NEWS. Here is what’s so exciting. Although we don’t have a retail store front these days, we still want to give our loyal customers the opportunity to buy our Mint Truffles. We know Kara Truffles are a tradition for many families! And soooooooo. In honor of...

Fall in Utah County

Fall is the best. It’s the cutest season. Everyone is dressed up in their adorable sweaters and boots. People are out and about picking pumpkins. Utah Valley has awesome mazes and haunted houses and cute corn fields. The leaves are changing colors and families get...


work just keeps getting busier and busier down here at the factory with new projects and products! here are a few sneak peaks on what we have been working on. let us know what you think! fun new pretzels popcorn! cupcake taffy in a cupcake container cookies in a glass...

happy mother’s day

  one: chocolate filled strawberry one: lemon filled strawberry one: caramel pecan filled strawberry three: milk chocolate strawberries one: white chocolate strawberry one happy mom and happy family.  all for just...

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  • heres our smaller glass jars just as cute 8 commenthellip
    3 months ago by karachocolates here’s our smaller glass jars. just as cute. $8, comment or dm if interested!
  • fill these jars with your own holiday fun empty jarshellip
    3 months ago by karachocolates fill these jars with your own holiday fun, empty jars $7, comment or dm if interested
  • overstock in glitter boots! 5 dm or comment if yourehellip
    3 months ago by karachocolates overstock in glitter boots! 5$ dm or comment if you’re interested
  • empty glitter boots!! 5 comment or dm if interested!
    3 months ago by karachocolates empty glitter boots!! $5, comment or dm if interested!
  • i know youre dying about these too!! 10 comment orhellip
    3 months ago by karachocolates i know you’re dying about these too!! $10, comment or dm if interested!